2014 the year of the scent marketing!?

2013 was a rich year for the scent marketing. In particular when you notice some actions realized by brands in order to introduce this type of marketing into phones. But what will be the new innovations of tomorrow? happy new year Facebook 22013 the year of the portable scent marketing

It is a proven fact, more and more people have a smartphone.

Indeed, 456 million of phones were sold all over the world in august 2013, and 55% of them were smartphones.

 The scent marketing was also touched by this increased trend which is definitely anchored in our daily life. That’s why various olfactive applications were born such as:

-          The Ophone is a not very ordinary phone which appeared in 2012. At this time, this phone only allowed to send the coffee scent by short messageHow does it work? You only have to connect the smartphone to the Bluetooth and to open the dedicated app. After that, users can choose and configure the aromas they want to send in the order, the time and mixture they wish. In 2013, they were 320 different fragrances, how many will they be in 2014!?

 -          The Scentee cap diffuses a coffee or bacon perfume when the alarm rings, a strawberry or vanilla scent during the message’s reception, or jasmine smell concerning the Facebook or Twitter notifications. To use it you just have to connect the cap to the plug of the smartphone’s headset.

 -          In parallel Scentee also set up an app which allows to “taste” grilled meat through the sense of smell, and which is called Hana Yakiniku. 

 -   The Popcorn brand called Pop Secret had the idea to create a videogame named Poptopia, whose purpose is to promote the brand. A little plus: the creators added a dongle that you plug on your phone and which emits a scent of warm corn according to the game progress.

The future of the scent marketing

With all those inventions, we can ask ourself if the smartphone’s future does not lie in the Ophone concept. In a few years will our mobile phones all be equipped to send and receive olfactive messages?

And who knows if computers and tablets will be also capable to diffuse scents, as the Google brand wanted to persuade with its Google Nose concept, in April 1st, 2013.  

Even if the scent marketing is still searching itself, we have to admit that there is a real power of scents particularly on memory and emotions. Receive an olfactive short message could certainly remind us some passed moments with the message sender, especially if it’s possible to define a specific scent to each contact

Strong of these innovations and of those to come, or more exactly by adapting our materials to the current applications, 2014 will be the scent marketing year!

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