30 years dedicated to scent marketing

The scent marketing is definitively anchored in our life. It is present in the media, in schoolbooks, in several brands, etc. A proof of its presence in marketing tools.

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Do not underestimate the sense of smell   

When we talk about sensory marketing, we think about 5 senses. However, the sense of smell is never the first mentioned and is even sometimes forgotten…

Indeed, during several years this sense was rejected by brands which preferred to bet on attractive visuals, advertising with insistent tones, original packagings and pleasant gustative flavors.

But step by step the society realized the real power of scents on our emotions, and our memory. With the result that it became today such a powerful marketing device that some people even imagine the possibility of “scent manipulations.”

And although the scent marketing sparks debates, it is not less left an effective tool, which is necessary to know how to control, and to adapt to its environment


The scent marketing with Natarom

At the end of the 80s, the membrane pumps manufacturer Piot & Tirouflet uses its products for materials of essential oils diffusion. In the middle of the 90s Natarom is born and marks the beginning of the production of materials destined to the creation of scent atmosphere, as well as the birth certificate of the scent marketing.

Over the years, Natarom kept on listening the market need, and succeeded to move forward by adapting its products and services, in order to offer to its clients a unique know-how. 

Indeed since 30 years, the company designs and manufactures its own products and solutions, while respecting the regulations in force. The compounds are made with 100% natural essential oils, and the scents are made by qualified perfumers in accordance with the IFRA standard

Strong of its experience and knowing how to surround itself with competent distributors, in France and in International, the brand became a reference on scent marketing market, always looking for new innovations.

But the real Natarom’s added value relies in the quality of a remarkable service with a team always ready to help you.

As some customers show you, who use these diffusers in historic places, fitness clubs, or in retirement homes, etc. and this since 20 years!

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