5 goods reasons to appeal to the scent marketing

If many of you heard about the scent marketing, few really know its usefulness as well as its efficiency. Through this article you can discover which interest can have this kind of marketing for professionals. 

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1.      A pleasant atmosphere

When we enter into a shop, into a hotel, into an office, go to the doctor or just go home, it’s nice to find a good smell. Few notice if the place in which they go into smells good. On the other hand, the opposite becomes immediately embarrassing, even disturbing …

That’s why the scent marketing can become a favorite tool for some of you…

It’s vital for a spa institute to have a soothing fragrance, for example by perfumed cosmetic products. Music, perfume, light, etc. those devices serve to transport the customer into a quiet and well-being universe by stimulating his 5 senses.

There are also persons who are very sensitive to the paramedical environment, particularly to its smell. So it’s better to diffuse a scent which will comfort the visitor and make this moment “bearable”, and even perhaps pleasant.  

Many examples can be mentioned. Scents have a real power on our feelings which vary according to the person. One of the most important advantages of the scent marketing is that it adapts to all types of environments in order to provide a memorable moment thanks to an unforgettable scent experience…


2.      Different types of applications

As you may have noticed, the scent marketing can be used in shops, beauty institutes, and in surgeries, but not only.

Some spaces like hotels, offices, etc. have everything to gain because they are places where it’s essential to feel good. It goes through the visual aspect, the furniture’s comfort, the places’ cleanliness… by establishing a fragrance you contribute to the well-being of the persons present in this place. Indeed, a hotel which creates a scent atmosphere in accordance with its image concretely improves its perception.

It’s also possible to use this type of marketing in casinos, sport rooms, or for events. For more information click here. 


 3.      A unique scent signature

The scent marketing also allows to design its own scent signature, in other words its own perfume. It’s the case of some brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, or Bonpoint which have developed their own scent diffused in all their stores, and since then, this brand perfume is available on sale. Another example, Nature & Découvertes with its famous cedar perfume.

Currently their olfactive signature became so popular that when we smell their aroma we immediately recognize the associated brand.

The perfume makes then totally part of the brand and allows the consumer to remember the moment spent in store.


4.      Be different

Although the scent marketing becomes more and more democratic, all the brands are not yet familiarized with this new marketing tool. The investments are more traditionally positioned in the advertising media, event or merchandising,

…However you should not underestimate the perfume’s power!

The famous Proust madeleine is the reference of the impact that the smell can have on our memory and what we remember of our childhood.

Appeal to the scent marketing can be a good way to be different from our competitors. It is a subtle method because we do not always detect it, but it is not less an effective method which helps to favor your image and allows that one remembers you…


5.      To sell

It has been proven that diffusing a perfume in a shop can help to make the customer buy. It’s for example the case of a clothes’ shop in France, who’s turnover increased by 20 %.

It also turns out that using the scent marketing in a shop has a positive influence on the customer’s mood. 96 % of the visitors at the “Palais du Chololat”, at the Vaux Le Vicomte castle, perceived it and thought that it was pleasant.


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