7 olfactive families 2/2

Last week we presented you a part of the classification established by the French perfumers’ society. Find out the continuation of the 7 olfactive families in this article 100% perfumes…

7 familles olfactives 2

Woody perfume

Made essentially for the mankind, the woody family includes the essence of cedar, pine, and sandalwood, in which we add the patchouli’s essence, and finally the ultimate touch of vetiver. 

But some brands like Shiseido creates a woody perfume especially for women, and call it “La Féminité du Bois”. It will be marketed, for the first time, in 1992.


Amber perfume

Also called the oriental fragrances, the amber form the hottest family perfume, even the most sensual, and the majority of them are women fragrances.

One of the most famous perfume of this family is “Shalimar” from Guerlain, which appeared for the first time in the 20s, and in which we smell its lemony freshness, its vanilla aromas, and its pleasant notes of balms.

The “Fougère”

A surprising name because the plant “the fougère" has no specific smell, this one was principally choose for that reason. But according to time, we associate to this family virile perfumes and thus male fragrances. 

In 1973 we discover a perfume most sweet and honeyed called: “Paco Rabanne form man”. The brand Chanel markets in 1993 a “fougère” perfume which name is “Egoïste Platinum”.


Leather perfume

It’s a family that we rarely talk about because it groups only ten fragrances at least particular.

Indeed, these perfumes combine the smells of leather, tobacco and smoke. A beautiful leather example is the perfume "Bel Ami " by Hermés. 

Source : Le Parfum de Catherine Donzel


As all the great music composers, who at first follow reference musical note, they compose an  incomparable score, and arrive to create immortal symphony. In comparison, the masters perfumers select an olfactive family and create a unique fragrance with inimitable perfumed notes.

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