Ambient fragrance in commercial centres…

Commercial centres often use ambient fragrance to increase customers’ satisfaction and comfort.

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Did you already find yourself in a store or a commercial centre where you could smell a nice fragrance? Wasn’t it pleasant nor appealing? You most probably keep a good memory …

You are in fact reacting to olfactory marketing


Theatres, cinemas, department stores, commercial centres, nightclubs, restaurants use olfactory marketing to generate emotions among customers.

They are unconsciously encouraged to stay longer, to purchase ... This is a very effective way to increase sales and customer loyalty.

There is a large choice of fragrances for commercial centres and every business can find its own signature, in line with its identity and trademark.


How do scent diffusers work for commercial centres?


Scent diffusion: The scent diffusers for large volumes are connected to the ventilation ducts. Maintenance is easy and refilling the fragrance is done simply, just by replacing custom designed and long lasting cartridges.


Scent intensity: For large volumes, fine-tuning is critical. Too light it will have no impact while too strong it will be unpleasant. The right balance requires a few tests and must take into account the size and space of the store.


Scent frequency: It is automated and monitored through a microprocessor based on the opening hours of the store and the expected frequentation.  Different fragrances can be easily alternated.


For very large projects, preliminary studies and technical investigations are performed in order to design the best solution for every customer, taking into account its specific requirements and constraints.

Discover here Modul'Air, diffuser for large stores or commercial centres or a space with specific configurations like multiple floors or multiple rooms.

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