Aqualoft & Natarom, a collaboration in the heart of well-being

Fitness is one of the major actual trends. Discover through this interview the Aqualoft clubs’ success. Montage Aqualoft VF

 1)     Fabien Lafage, director of these sport rooms talks about the Aqualoft concept, spaces, services, dedicated entirely to the clients well-being:

Aqualoft is : 3 fitness clubs which are located in France, in Saint-Thibault des Vignes, Rueil-Malmaison, and Aix-en-Provence.

When you visit one of these clubs, all the team is at your disposal and delivers a high quality and personalized service, but also an impeccable cleanliness, and qualified instructors.

For this we offer to our members two spaces:

-          The cardio fitness-training space (bikes, steppers, treadmill, pedalo)

-          The relaxation/aquatic space (hammam, sauna, tepidarium)

We also propose new sports in vogue such as the aquabiking, or pole dance.

But above all, we want to make our fitness clubs being:

“A unique place where sports, relaxation, hygiene, and refinement are one.”


2)     What differentiate your clubs from the others?

The principal advantage of the Aqualoft fitness clubs consists in the quality of the service that we offer, as well as in our lessons.

Indeed, we provide to our clients esthetic spaces, quality sport equipments, secured lockers, etc. Concerning the fitness classes, we have a very good team of ten experienced coaches.

Moreover, all our employees pay attention to each member. When they subscribe to our club, we ask them to complete a questionnaire about their goals, morphology, needs, etc. in order to establish a fully customized program.

To finish, each year we organize two official events: the “winter party” and the “garden party”. Those are extremely pleasant moments around a barbecue, contributing to exchanges, and during which we present some new concepts.


3)      What flavors do you diffuse and in which space(s)?

Each cloakroom has a different scent. In the women’s cloakroom we diffuse a fig and lavender perfume, while in the men’s cloakroom you can smell a tangerine/green tea scent.

About the sport rooms where take place the group classes, our diffusers contain eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.


4)     Why do you diffuse essential oils and perfumes in your clubs? 

The advantage of perfumes is their persistence, but also the fact that their perception is less strong. Thus they are diffused in places like the reception, or cloakrooms, because those are areas where few people meet at the same time.

In comparison, essential oils are very effective in cleaning the air. Many of our members go to the cardio fitness-training space or attend the group classes. Diffuse essential oils allow us to create a pleasant atmosphere, even when you sweat…


5)     How did you know Natarom?

Personally, I knew Natarom in 2000. I worked in one of the oldest Moving clubs in Bagnolet (France) where I got the idea to scent their spaces.

So I did some researches and I discovered the brand Natarom. Their concept seemed interesting, with efficient and reliable materials, and their perfumes are perfectly adapted.


6)     How long have you been working with Natarom? Are you satisfied?

It’s now up to 14 years that our team collaborates with Natarom, and we’re very satisfied with their work. Indeed, we find them reactive, professional, and they always have good advices.


7)     Would you recommend Natarom to other gym clubs, and why?

In my point of view, diffuse perfumes and essential oils is necessary if you want to create a feeling of well-being, whatever the place, and especially in a fitness club. Natarom perfectly understood that, and fully answers to our expectations.

Therefore, I recommend Natarom without hesitating, in fact I already did it!

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