Digital Olfaction Society

Next week will held the second Digital Olfaction Society (DOS), the December 8-9 2014, in Tokyo. Olfaction, has become a very interesting topic in several scientific fields. Following the latest advances in the Research, the challenge is to transfer this knowledge towards innovative technology.

Learn more about this congress in this article. 

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What is the DOS and why this congress?

Nowadays, there is no way to escape the digital world whatsoever when using a computer, a mobile phone or even means of transportation. Hearing, vision, touch are currently an integral part of numerous electronic devices which we use on a daily basis.

Then, how about digitizing smells? This complex concept aims at turning any odorous source into a digital media which can be applied to our lifestyle. The idea is to create devices which can capture odors, turn them into digital data so as to transmit them everywhere in the world.

This congress has 3 aims which are:

-          To exploit the advances of digital olfaction Research & Development

-          To consider the practical applications of digital olfaction

-          To project these applications to daily life to measure their impact on our lifestyle

In order to achieve these three goals, the DOS 2014 will gather international researchers and academics, R&D departments in link with all the field of digital olfaction, chemistry, physics, electronics, engineering, computer science, olfactory intelligent systems companies, etc.


The program 

During these two days, different topics will be presented such as:

  • Devices to capture odors
  • Odors turned into digital data
  • Restitution of odors by the transmission of these data
  • Artificial olfaction and biologically-inspired models
  • New Generation of Sensors & E-nose
  • Robotics & Digital Olfaction
  • Olfactory Display & its Applications
  • Odor Sensing
  • The powerful of Olfactive Markers…

The Scientific Committee will invite all industries to present their innovations and products in the digital olfaction world, in different fields, for example:

  • Food Industry : Quality & safety control of food products
  • Digital Cosmetology : Own fragrance creation on line, smell-E-market
  • Olfaction and Jewelery : Revolutionary watches, alarm-radio, scented brooch
  • Olfactory Entertainment : Olfactory 3D movie-theaters, home's gadgets
  • Interactive scented games : Odorant teddy, video games
  • Housekeeping, Coziness & Safety at home
  • Olfaction & Auto industry : Olfactive attention assistance for tired driver …


This year the Digital Olfaction Society promises to be full of discovery, exchange, and innovation. It’s the place to be if you want to meet the future of the digital olfaction! 

More information of the Digital Olfaction Society by clicking here.

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