Each season has its scent ¼

Each new season brings memories and some events to celebrate; but also specific scents to these moments. In this article we propose to do a time travel with us through the October’s scents.

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Indian summer

In addition to its warm colors, autumn has its particular smells which remind us some past instants during this time.

Indeed, did you ever walked in woods, to collect mushrooms, and smelt the freshly fallen rain’s scent, or the wet earth!? Like a freshness and nature’s perfume which invigorates the atmosphere.

Do you remember the warm chestnuts cooked in the chimney fire, and their perfume!? Or the apple pie’s scent, or the smell of the chestnut cream. The season fruits’ aroma has a powerful impact on our memories, including those related to our childhood…


Trick or treat

But the month of October is also a “scary” period with Halloween! A family time when we dress up, decorate our house, and collect treats.

A popular event in the United States, Canada, Australia, and more and more celebrated in Europe.

The pumpkin’s smell that we cut, the scent of the acid candy, or caramel flavored ones, or the pumpkin soup that we cook after this event, etc. All these elements release a particular scent which marks moments of happiness and sharing.

That’s why some brands such as Lush, Kellogg’s, Pringles, Dunkin' Donuts, etc. sell exclusive products during this period, and which release flavors reminding us this event.

Of course the scents’ meaning change according to the culture, and the country.

But what scents do you associate to this time of the year?


Rendezvous this winter to discover our next article about the seasonal scents!

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