Each season has its scent 2/4

During the month of October you discovered the scents appropriate to the autumn season. In this article let yourself take through those of December.

Senteurs Noel

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

When you think about December, plenty of you associate this time of the year to Christmas and New Year holidays, thus recalling family meals, luminous decorations, opportunities for sharing and delight for the youngest.

But when you think about Christmas, do you remember its typical scents?

Because in addition to its ornaments, its receptions, its gifts, etc. Christmas is above all a magical moment where greedy smells are mixed to precious moments!

Did you ever smell the Christmas tree scent, or the gingerbread, cinnamon’s scents, just coming out of the oven where biscuits are cooked?! You just have to smell only once those flavors to be absorbed in a Christmas’ mind…

And some brands understood this very well since at this period of the year they release limited spicy aroma products such as honey, orange, vanilla, chocolate, etc.

For example Yves Rocher who every year offers cosmetics with different flavors. For the Christmas season 2013 you have the choice between chocolate/raspberry, chocolate/pistachio or chocolate/lemon.

And for you, if Christmas was a fragrance, which one would it be?

Winter perfumes

But the month of December is also the beginning of the winter season, for the north hemisphere, with the first night frosts, the first snowflakes for some of you, etc.

And with the temperatures dropping down who does not appreciate warming itself near a chimney fire by enjoying a good hot chocolate!? Or a tea with some cinnamon biscuits!?

And for the greediest of you, who could resist to a typical french season’s dish such as the “Savoyard Fondue”, or the “raclette”!?

All these aromas emit specific scents that you don’t realize, which are printed in our memory and mark events of our life. Nevertheless, taken out of its context, those flavors recall us personal memories, during this period of the year, rich in olfactive feelings!

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