Each season has its scent 3/4

Everything changes, everything comes back to life at the moment around us; and it is during the springtime that bursts this firework of scents and smells which invades our environment.

After the recognizable scents of autumn and winter, it’s the turn of spring! Because this season is the one which releases most of smells…


The flowers are honored

Spring is the season of the flowering which marks the nature’s return. As the poet Morhardt Carmen Mencita Monoi Angel wrote:

“The season of spring
weather seems to sing
lovely lovely days
are coming our ways

the season of spring
blooming blossoming
of nature of all kind
let roots unbind […]”

During this time of the year everything flowers, and shines. The families go to the woods and pick some daffodil, that they place in their house in order to create a touch of color and to perfume every room.

About the traditional lily of the valley that the europeans offer on May 1st, you’ll certainly notice that it is a very scent flower. That’s why this flower is very used in perfumery, and this began during the XVIthcentury.  Nowadays it is mostly used in women's fragrances as a heart note. The famous perfume Diorissimo, created in 1956 by Edmond Roudnitska is an excellent example.



The spring season is also a moment of sharing and conviviality with Easter.

In France, the bell's arrival is marked by the eggs hunt, or by the tasting of chocolates. In other countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain or the United States, we take time to decorate the eggs, to cook and enjoy with our family cakes, buns, sweets, etc.

Everyone celebrates Easter in his own way but all taste and smell flavors anchored in our tradition that bring us together and stay in our memories since childhood.

And it is the scent of those traditional products that takes us back to our memories...


If for you spring has a fragrance, which one would it be?

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