Journey and perfume

For the majority of us, the months of July and August are dedicated to holidays and particularly to journeys. Travelling is an excellent way to discover new countrysides, new customs, unknown flavors, and remarkable aromas.

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Olfactive journey

Every trip made in one’s country or abroad brings us new cultural, culinary and festive experiences, as well as new odorama. In fact, every country, every place, reveals aromas sometimes unique, and which tickle our nostrils and awake our olfactory memory.

For example it’s possible to smell some rare floral perfumes in certain places. Such as the orange blossom which we can smell principally in the Maghreb countries; or the frangipani flower, very present in Asia.

Some traditional dishes also release enchanting fragrances at the same time for our taste buds and for our nostrils. Thus many Hindu dishes are prepared with diverse spices, such as curcuma, curry, ... which raise the taste, and attract our sense of smell.


Olfactive memory

These fragrances that we discover during a journey stay in our memories and we even don’t notice them. Yet it is enough to smell them once to dive back into souvenirs, and make travel our spirit through these scents.

Indeed some perfumes have the power to awake in us feelings and memories, sometimes related to a period of the year or to a specific place. For example, the flavor which releases the olive tree has the power to transport us to the South of France, or the Monoï perfume which tends to remind us our summer holidays.


When we visit a place all our senses are sought, and some without our knowledge. This is the case of our sense of smell of which we underestimate the impact on our memory.

So during your next trip, pay a particular attention on the smells which surround you, and do not hesitate to share them with us.

In the meantime, we wish you a pleasant holiday!

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