Natarom celebrates Christmas at Vaux Le Vicomte

After having celebrated the “Palais du Chocolat”, the Vaux Le Vicomte castle dressed up its most beautiful Christmas decorations in order to make alive a historic journey in a magic atmosphere.

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Once upon a time Christmas at Vaux Le Vicomte

Every year during the holiday season, the Vaux Le Vicomte castle turns into a sumptuous place where all kinds of decorations and lights ornament different rooms in the castle.

This 2013 Christmas you will discover the butterflies’ theme in the Marshal room, or the peacocks theme in the Grand Salon with an 8 meter high Christmas tree, and 5000 decorative pieces, or the carousel in the lobby, etc.

The association between the 17th century architecture and landscape with the enchantment of Christmas make Vaux Le Vicomte being an exceptional place where magic takes place.

As explains Eric Naudin, the Vaux Le Vicomte decorator for 24 years: “What we want above all is to create a magic atmosphere which follows the current trends, while staying in the holiday’s tradition.

So when you walk through the castle, every room delivers a unique atmosphere where the decorations and lights transport you to a wonderful universe.

But besides these ornaments, the power of scent is also present


Vaux Le Vicomte smells Christmas

Indeed, specific scents of this time of the year transport you in an enchanted Christmas, such as the Christmas tree scent, the gingerbread, cinnamon and chocolate scent, etc.

Combining the decor’s beauty detected by our sense of sight to the powerful impact of smell on our memory, gives authenticity to the castle while creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The flavours spreaded in Vaux Le Vicomte have all a direct relationship with Christmas. Their perception is different for everyone, but recall memories and allow to be immersed directly in this festive atmosphere.

It’s up to you to guess which scents are present and in what part of the castle…


For those who did not have the opportunity to discover the Vaux Le Vicomte castle during the Christmas season, discover a foretaste of the decorations on our Facebook page. 


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