Natarom perfumes a fashion show

Wednesday september 24th, 2014, the first day of the Fashion Week in Paris, took place the official opening of the Flagship Store Grinko. On the occasion, the designer presented its new collection SS2015 Synthetic Riot. Natarom, partner of this evening, comes back on this high-end event.

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The Italian style

The fashion designer Sergei Grinko creates his fashion house in 2009, which he names "Grinko". This name comes from the Russian origins of the designer, but with a strong “Made in Italy” vocation. Because, in spite of its cosmopolitan educational experience, in search of the most authentic inspirations and the most fascinating cultural influences, his style deeply encompasses italian traits.

Indeed, the Grinko style is very recognizable through its fluid and soft shapes, permeated with refined references, evoking dream and childhood souvenirs or nature’s elements in the innovative prints.

Present in Italy, Grinko has entered from now on into the fashion capital: Paris, with its Flagship Store at “rue d’Anjou”.

And it was after having made a fashion show during the Fashion Week of Milan that the brand organized a cocktail party for which several partners had contributed to be a success.


Grinko seduces your senses

During this evening all the senses have been requested. First of all the sight, with the various models who wore the creations of the fashion designer. Then the touch because clothes were exposed in the store, and it was possible to buy them. 

But also the hearing with the DJ Alexis Knox who has been invited for the musical atmosphere, as well as the taste, through some hors d'oeuvres from Pinxo. Without forgetting the sense of smell with the Natarom diffusers.

Indeed we had the pleasure to create a scent atmosphere for this evening. Marieke De Weert in charge of the international relationships for the brand, talks about it:

Q: How was your collaboration with Natarom? What are your impressions?

M: “Natarom surprised me by their product choices. They carefully spend time to understand which scent I was looking for. We choose together the final scent adapted to the event and number of participants. 

Furthermore, Natarom has a qualified team who was personally interested in our event, our brand identity, our purpose, and even in us personally. “

Q: Why did you collaborate with Natarom and what was the advantage? 

M: “We collaborated with Natarom because we felt that this could add extra advantages to our event. It has been proven that the sense of smell is closely associated to memory and feeling. Smell can call up memories and powerful responses almost instantaneously. 

When you first smell a new scent, you link it to a moment, a person, a thing. That's why for Grinko we wanted to create a special scent, with the hope that Natarom will create this invisible link, in order to associate the sent to Grinko.”


Q: Do you and the guests enjoyed the scent?

M: “Our guests noticed the fragrance and some asked specifically how we were able to create such a fine scent for our event. Then we spoke about Natarom and their know-how.”


Q: If you organize another event, would you call Natarom in order to perfume the event?

M: “YES. Scent marketing is an old tool that should not be underestimated, precisely as I mentioned before, smell can trigger an immediate emotional response in the consumer. We know that it will enhance their mood, and increase sales.

It’s a real advantage for the brand Grinko strong positioned on a very competitive market…”


Find all the pictures of this evening on our Facebook page.


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