Natarom perfumes the relaxation areas of the Expo Protection exhibition

The Expo Protection exhibition took place the 4-5-6 november 2014, in Paris – Porte de Versailles, and gathered more than 700 exhibitors and 21 340 visitors. Professional days, placed under the sign of meetings, exchanges, and discoveries; but also of relaxation…[cml_media_alt id='1892']Natarom parfume les espaces détente Expo Protection [/cml_media_alt]

Areas dedicated to well-being

Relax on an exhibition…

Yes it’s possible!

Participate to an event such as the Expo Protection can be stressful and tiring. Visitors and exhibitors make numerous whereabouts, they meet suppliers, customers, partners… they also take time to negotiate and sign contracts.

                Offer some relaxation areas during an exhibition like this one is a real advantage! Indeed, they allow to relax, to escape during one moment in order to recharge the batteries, to be in great shape throughout the day, and in excellent condition for one’s interlocutors.

So in these universes dedicated to comfort and relaxation, the visitors benefited of: massage zones, spaces to sit down comfortably and taste some chocolates and drinks, to test the security of one’s company information through a serious game, to enjoy a juice bar, but also to be cherished in a pleasant ambient scenting…


The well-being by olfaction

The organizers of this exhibition contacted Natarom to perfume these relaxation areas, because it seemed important to add a perfumed atmosphere which contributes to the well-being of the visitors.

As explains Laïla Boudrar, Communication Manager at Reed Expositions, in this interview. (in French)

Indeed, more than our other senses, the sense of smell is a “subtle” element, which helps to relax, because our brain is sensible and directly touched by the scents’ power…

 The challenge was double for Natarom and Expo Protection, because they had to set up a relaxation area in a business exhibition, where people do not expect it; but also create an ambient scenting adapted to a place of professional exchanges and which is pleasant for all.

Challenge accepted and succeeded!

As show these visitors! (Interview in French)

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