Natural fragrances for Christmas and New Year celebrations

At the opening of the traditional Christmas markets, candles and mulled wine, gingerbread or chocolate fragrances announce the holiday season!

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Christmas is often synonymous with sweet feelings connected to warm and delicious scents like the cinnamon, the citrus fruits, the oysters or the smell of the roasted capons ... At this time of the year, we are predisposed to spend time with our family our friends. We are all more or less sensitive to these smells that remind us of childhood and help stimulate our olfactory memory. It is undeniable, Christmas fragrances confuse our behaviour...

Build your own natural fragrance for Christmas

You love the smell of the Christmas tree, but it is becoming rare with the increasing share of synthetic trees  ... Here's a tip to perfume your house for the coming holidays season.

Recommended essential oils:

Black spruce: 20 drops
Woodland Pine: 20 drops
Sweet Orange: 10 drops

Dilute these three essential oils in about 20 ml of entry price vodka or 20 ml of 70 ° odourless alcohol. Drop that mixture in a bottle-spray and keep in the refrigerator. Vaporize your artificial Christmas tree, your living room or simply pine cones placed on your furniture. The impact is guaranteed!

Decorate your home and perfume it with amber apples

For the decoration, encircle several oranges with a ribbon of gift-wrapping. Push cloves in the flesh of the oranges and thus release the citrus aromas mixed with spices. Suspend these "amber apples" in the windows or put them in decorative containers.

Our advice: Encircle the entire surface of the orange with cloves and it will last longer.

Did you know? Amber apples have been used since the fourteenth century and are also efficient to protect the linen against mites.

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