Olfactory marketing, a direct connexion with our brain

Don’t get confused; olfactory marketing is not the result of chance! It is based on a well-known function of our brain.

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The area of ​​the brain that records our memories is also the one that records our emotions (the limbic system). Thanks to the neurons, the olfactory bulb is directly related to the limbic system. Located near the nasal cavity, it processes olfactory information (scents & smells) that reaches our nostrils. Therefore we speak about olfactory memory as scents & smells carry on emotions and mental connexions.

Remember, for example, Christmas scents that revive your childhood memories, summer smells that remind your first flirtations, our the smell of your kid’s teddy bear that strengthens your maternal or paternal feelings.

Fragrances are an extraordinary crucible for our memories. They often raise emotions. Thus olfactory marketing has an impact on people; it tries to make their environment more pleasant to live.

"Who mastered the smells, mastered the hearts..."

Patrick Süskind (the perfume)

Olfactory marketing applications are numerous and cover shopping centres, stores, offices, private and public reception areas, car parks ... Some examples:

  • Creating an original fragrance for a packaging
  • Highlighting the natural smell of a product
  • Diffusing an ambient scent in offices, outlets or for a specific event
  • Diffusing a fragrance associated with an atmosphere of cleanliness
  • Creating a unique identity (olfactory logo) for a brand or a specific product

Olfactory marketing uses the olfactory memory of our brain. Often our behaviours or decisions depend on our reaction to the smell or scent that surround us. Olfactory marketing recommends the appropriate fragrances to subtly attract the attention of visitors or customers and leave a positive and lasting mark in their memory.

As an Olfactory Marketing Specialist, Natarom has a unique know-how to provide advice and support as well as tailor-made perfumes.

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