Perfumed gardens

During this season where everything is blooming, some people devote their free time to their outside spaces, in order to create a “scent paradise”… Feedback to this trend. 

The scent marketing from the house into the garden

Le parfum des fleurs 1At our days, more and more people fill their insides with candles, sticks, sprays, atmosphere perfumes, etc. But with arrival of the beautiful days, many people also want "to perfume" their green spaces.

In the last Truffaut’s magazine, we discover that the feeling of well-being installed in your house, through several kinds of scent atmospheres, also passes by the outside of the house, and it becomes more and more fashion. Indeed “the garden and the terrace became additional rooms to live, in which all our senses are requested."


Fashion perfumes

In this magazine, an article gives some advices about flowers to grow in its garden if you want to perfume this one. For example a flower called « lonicera x heckrottii », in other words honeysuckle which releases a powerful flavor, or the jasmine, and the brugmansia.

The aromatic plants such as coriander, or tarragon, also release strong smells, and embalm your green spaces.


The well-being already passes by the power of smell. And it's now the time of the year to create scented green spaces in which we'll spend time during spring and summer. 

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