Scent advertising!

We all have heard an advertising campaign surprisingly funny on the radio, seen a poster which has captivated our eyes, or be attracted by a packaging more than original. But did an advertising already attracted your attention by its scent?

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It smells like a steak!?

This summer in the United States, near to the lake Norman in Mooreseville, we could find a giant poster showing a piece of steak with a french fry on a fork. Up to there nothing revolutionary! Except that this poster smelled grilled steak coming from this billboard.

The Blood’s glocery, located near to a road, wanted to promote its new brand of beef while giving to the passer-by to come and try it. So we can say that this advertising encouraged the consumers to stimulate another sense than the eyesight, the sense of smell!

 A charming advertising – for dogs

A year ago, the dog food brand “Beneful”, had the idea to launch an innovative communication campaign in Germany. Indeed, several billboards’ columns were perfumed with the pie dogs smell. Therefore, the animals were directly seduced by this scent and stopped in front of the poster, forcing their owners to look at it.

The brand’s goal was achieved since their target, the dogs and the pie dogs buyers, i.e. their masters, were attracted in one way or another by this advertising.

 Bus stops looking like soccer stadiums

Direction Australia! Since the end of September some bus stops display advertising for the TV channel “Fox Sports” whose characteristics is to spread the scent of freshly cut grass and the sound of cheering stadiums. This aroma is also put in a limited number of australian newspapers.

The goal? Engage and bring together soccer fans of the English Premier League. As explained Ed Smith, Foxtel’s Executive Director of sales and marketing: “This is the time of year football fans feel most far away and that they are missing out […] What better way to demonstrate this closeness than being so close to the game you love that you can smell the grass though, Sunday papers.”

And you, would you be more attracted by a brand if its advertising smelled a scent that you like?

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