Scent marketing in hotels

After having evoked the interest for the fitness clubs to appeal to the scent marketing, with several examples; we’ll talk about this subject in the field of the hotel business

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Favor the 5 senses

When you hotelkeeper try to be different from the competition, by proposing new and original services, advantageous offer, incomparable comfort, etc.

Some bet on the modernity! And appeal to the sensory marketing.

There are several solutions in order to create a pleasant space, and which corresponds to your positioning. For example, the decoration and the interior design, the sound and visual atmosphere, etc.

The scent marketing can also be a part of its well-being, because do not forget that our sense of smell is connected to our memory…


A hotel perfume

Indeed, associate a scent signature to your hotel will give it several advantages.

It will promote a pleasant first impression because the client will scent the fragrance when he enters.

It’s also possible that he’ll remember the perfume. Then when he will smell it again the customer will remember his stay and your hotel. 

Finally, if you add besides a diffuser, other nice-smelling products such as candles, or perfumed sticks it will allow the visitors to take with them a souvenir which will favor their olfactive memory.


Scent marketing professional

In order to create an exclusive scent atmosphere for your hotel, it’s essential to contact a company specialized in scent marketing, such as Natarom.

Together, you’ll define your olfactive identity by thinking about the values, the image that you want to promote. But also the kind of atmosphere you want to create, the type of clientele you want to touch, the space you would like to perfume…

In other words, to define a global strategy adapted to your needs, and which answer the current expectations of the customers.


To realize that the Natarom team supports and advises you, by placing its know-how and its experience at your service, in order to create an unforgettable scent atmosphere.

Discover which hotels appeal to the scent marketing through this article.

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