Scent marketing in our smartphones thanks to the oPhone

We mentioned it in January, and it’s now official: the oPhone will be marketed at the beginning of 2015. Since this announcement several debates circulated around this new technology. Feedback on its concept.


What is the oPhone?

David Edwards, biomedical engineer at Harvard, has developed a device named: “oPhone”, that is able to send and receive messages which use scents instead of words. This one appears under a cylindrical shape, in white color (as you can see on the picture below). “His little cartridge, about the size of a fingernail, contains olfactive information that can produce hundreds (and soon thousands, says Edwards) of odor signals.”*

Actually, the oPhone counts 32 original scents, but the user can combine until 8 scents, which represents 300 000 possible combinations. For more details click here.


Real innovation or a simple gadget?

Since this announcement, numerous media evoked the oPhone concept. Some said that it’s the most advanced technology in this field, or the perfect gift for a family member. But some don’t see the interest of this kind of device.

Until its marketing at the beginning of 2015, Le Laboratoire located in the 1st Paris district, will open its doors to the public from June 19th till 31st. Do not miss this opportunity if you want to make your own opinion on this subject.

Would you be tempted by this olfactive smartphone?

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