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After having discovered the Aqualoft’s fitness clubs, take an international direction with the famous sport brand named Power Plate. 

What is Power Plate?

The Power Plate is a sport equipment which offers a unique physical technic. Indeed, the Power Plate works on a concept of accelerations in 3 dimensions which cause rapid and intense muscular contractions of all muscles.

After 10 years of experience, and victim of its success, the brand Power Plate is nowadays present in more than 100 countries, through sport rooms, and is acclaimed by the medical community, sports teams, and many famous celebrities.


A Power Plate perfume

Power Plate places its brand in the high quality market, and takes a special attention to its clients’ well-being.

In order to complete their installation directed on comfort, the brand decides to pass by our partners Duft Effekt Marketing and Smell Marketing to create a scent atmosphere for one of their clubs in Germany, more precisely in Dortmund.

The members of this club are pamper by a delicious scent of mandarin/ green tea which creates a perfect harmony with the peaceful atmosphere that you find in Power Plate.


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