Sport smells!

More than a phenomenon fitness is part of our life. That’s what the special file in the  « L’Equipe » magazine, n°1629 shows. Zoom on this subject which attracted our attention.exercise gym

Fitness fans

How many of you already went to a sports room and have signed a subscription?

For your information, in France we’re 4 million who did it. Compared to this, they’re 7.9 million suscribers in Spain, 7.4 million in the UK, and 7.1 million in Germany.

Waterbike, Zumba, home bike, etc. are the major trends of the last three years. There are even by-products like video games, clothing …

A real business that some brands have developed, such as Club Med Gym with 70 000 clients in Paris Region, or Les Mills International. Only for the latest there are 15.200 clubs in more than 80 countries.

But more than a sport room, we’re looking above all for a relaxation moment, for well-being, where we can release our daily stress: « We are not going to a sports room to be slim, but to feel well. » Karim Ben-Ismaël (journalist for L’Equipe)


 The scent marketing does sport

Feel well when we practice a sport it’s, above all, to be in a pleasant environment, which give us a feeling of comfort.

Many clubs have understood that and invest in an esthetical decor with dim lights, stimulating music, etc. In brief a well-being atmosphere.

But the well-being also goes through our sense of smell!

 When we run outside we like to smell nature. Well it is even more important to have a good smell in a sport room.

That’s why Natarom designs perfumes and materials which perfectly suit into fitness organizations, in order to create an atmosphere where you feel good, even when you sweat all over your body…


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