The benefit of ambient scent for your offices…

Today, more and more areas are equipped with professional ambient scent diffusers.

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We spend many hours in the office, a living space often very confined ... Whether in a lobby, an open space, an individual office or a meeting room, we are consciously or unconsciously affected by the air we breathe.

Olfactory memory

Intimately linked to memory and emotions, smell can identify thousands of different odors. Some of us are more sensitive than others to the "fragrance" we perceive when entering a room or a new space. If this perception is pleasant it will have a positive impact on our behavior otherwise it will negatively impact our well being.

Think for example to cosmetic creams whose scent is crucial for their users …


The aromachology, the science of odors influencing our behavior

Today, professional environments equipped with scent diffusers contribute, like decoration or furniture, to make your workday even more enjoyable. They improve the well-being and consequently the productivity and professional development of the company's staff.

This olfactory ambience is made possible through the use of carefully selected fragrances perceived as pleasant by most of us.


Tip: The choice of fragrances depends on the area concerned. It is recommended to adapt to the target locations:  an office, a meeting room, an open space, a lobby...


Did you know? Even more than other senses, smell can help us relax and reduce our stress. A simple smell can have a great influence on our psyche and our intellectual faculties.

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