The benefits of scent marketing in retirement homes

Scent marketing contributes to the well-being of older people living in retirement homes. 

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Residents of retirement homes and geriatric care homes spend 90% of their time in enclosed environments where air quality is not always the best. Scent marketing has many benefits for the residents and projects a positive image of the home to visitors.

Improving quality of life: Scent marketing can reproduce the smell of Christmas or chocolate for example. These fragrances are diffused in reception areas, living rooms or activity rooms to stimulate residents’ olfactory memories. They bring back wonderful reminiscences that can trigger forgotten emotions and new smiles. More than images or sounds, smells naturally take us back to past events.

Rest and relaxation: A retirement home or a paramedical environment can trigger or heighten discomfort or stress. Diffusing suitable home fragrances enables people to relax and creates a friendly cosy atmosphere that is comforting for both residents and visitors.

Alleviating unpleasant odours: Many olfactory solutions are very good at neutralising smells such as sweat, cleaning products or medical equipment and are greatly appreciated by carers, residents and visitors alike.

With top quality guidance and modest installation and maintenance costs, scent marketing has a natural place in retirement homes. A detailed study of target clients is essential in choosing the right home fragrance so that it will be perceived positively by the majority of residents. It is generally advised to conduct tests over short periods.

Did you know? Diffusing aromas of bread or croissants in the morning can help some people regain their appetite.

Natarom, specialists in scent marketing, offer a wide selection of scent diffusers suitable for areas from 15 m² up to 10,000 m².

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