The olfaction has its conference!

Last Thursday took place the Olfaction’s conference in Versailles (France), which we had the honor to attend. On that occasion we propose you a summary of the day, and we will share with you our impressions.


Program: the olfaction for everybody!       

Cosmetic Valley, CCI Versailles – Yvelines, and ISIPCA organized a conference on the theme: “Olfaction & Prospect – new fields of application.

After having noticed that smell is a sense that is more and more requested in various areas, it seemed important, for these 3 actors, to organize an exhibition around this subject anchored in our life.

First of all, we discovered the smells’ impact on our memory, and our emotions. But also the scent stimulation in medical area, and also scent messages’ distribution and transmission.

Then took place two round-tables. The first one around the scent marketing, which explained how far the scent marketing can create consumer preference for a brand. The second round-table talked about the olfaction’s future and its new opportunities in health, environment and industry areas.

To summarize, it was a rich day in information and hosted by olfaction’s experts.


Prestigious guests

Indeed, each subject was discussed by experts, such as Dr. Isabelle Cayeux (Sensory Analyste, Corporate R&D – Firmenich SA) who told us about methods and techniques which measure the odors’ interpretation according to the different cultures.

The scent therapist, Patty Canac, also explained the importance of olfaction on patients who had experienced a cranial trauma or cerebral vascular accident.

Concerning the first round table, we’ve heard a speech from Arnaud Montet (Consumer Science Global Director – International Flavors & Fragrance), but also from Antoine Lie (Perfumer – Senior Creator – Takasago), etc.

Finally the second round table was hosted among others by Arnaud Givelet (Odors’ Expert – Suez Environment), Laurence Cornu (Manager Technical Products Air Quality – Valeo) who explained his role in scent cockpit and air purification in vehicles.

                To conclude, we can say that olfaction is a very broad field, in medical, communication and well-being, etc. areas. And more and more people are interested in it, in fact we were glad to see that about 200 persons were present at this conference.

Olfaction has a great future! 


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