The scent marketing in the exhibition Maison & Objet

The « Maison & Objet » exhibition comes to its just ended. We went to this major event of the year, and we were pleased to note that the scent marketing is still, and even more, present.

Photo et logo Maison et Objet

Photo et logo Maison et Objet

The exhibition « Maison & Objet »

From 6th to 10th september the exhibition « Maison & Objet » took place in Paris. This exhibition is dedicated to the world of decoration and design, and it became the major international meeting in this field. In this event you find the most innovative and original objects coming from around the world, either for home, fashion or furniture.

So we can say that the scent marketing has its place in the “Maisons & Objet” fair, since it has become a phenomenon more and more common in our society.


The scent marketing at home

Imagine some stands full of colored products, lighting and perfumed which invite to the well-being, and make us travel! This is what attracted our attention during our visit in the « Maison et Objet » exhibition.

Of course we talk about exhibitors specialized in diffusers and perfumes for individuals, and their offers are numerous. The perfumes or essential oils are available in different forms, capsules or bottles, and the diffusers takes different forms.

A concept which appeals individuals because more and more you buy it for your comfort in your house. The scent marketing invites itself  into your home!


The well being shared

The brand Natarom very quickly realized that the well being and smells are essentials for individuals, but also for public buildings. And over time, it becomes a way to communicate which has been proven effective and attractive.

If you own a shop, a hotel, a communication agency, an office or a well-being center, Natarom fits onto your area, and above all listens to your needs, your expectations.


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