The scent marketing invites itself at Vaux Le Vicomte

The 9, 10 & 11 November 2013 Vaux Le Vicomte opened its doors to famous chocolate makers. For a week-end the castle became the "Palais du Chocolat"…Montage photos VLV

Gardens in a look of chocolate

As every year at this period, the chocolate had an appointment in an exceptional place: the Vaux Le Vicomte castle. And on the occasion of André Le Nôtre’s 400th anniversary, chocolate makers recreated the gardens of this time.

Famous craftsmen lent the game by designing chocolate sculptures, such as the pastry chief Aoki who has built a watering can, statues and castle gardends in the “Grand Salon”. Or Frederic Cassel, Daubos Franck, Jacques Bellanger, etc. who exposed their chocolate works in different parts of the castle.

But this exhibition is also the occasion to offer a unique and tasty gift, or to taste and attend some cooking classes.

As you probably understood, the “Palais du Chocolat” is the meeting of knowledge and pleasure, where the chocolate sculptures blend in perfectly with the decoration of the time!

And this year again it was a real success since you were almost 12 000 visitors to be tempted.


 Natarom at Vaux Le Vicomte

It was an honor to participate at this event by perfuming a part of the castle.

And following a survey performed during this event, it was noticed that a majority of the visitors felt immersed in the exhibition, thanks to the perfume they smelled as soon as they arrived. A pleasant sensation which stimulate desire to assist at the "Palais du Chocolat.”

Visitors also shared what evokes the chocolate smell on them, in general. And 29% answered first: “the pleasure”. Followed by the greed, and memories related to childhood.

The chocolate also has the capacity to relax for 15% of you. Without mentioning the notions of happiness and well-being returning regularly.

And for those of you who were unable to attend this exhibition, find the photos on our Facebook page.


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