The scent marketing, we talk about it!

This month of August was warm and rich in terms of scent marketing’s citation. Indeed, it was mentioned several times in the traditional medias.

Logos Le Point, le Parisien, France 2

Logos Le Point, le Parisien, France 2

The press

At the beginning of August, the magazine “Le Point” shows, in its article, how the scents influence our brain, and even speak about “manipulation”.We also learn that diffusing essential oils in stores can increase sales by 20 %. Or set up a diffuser, during a concert, promotes the acts of “love”. If you want to know more, find out this article in the magazine n° 2133.

At the end of August, the newspaper named “Le Parisien” honored our brand by mentioning us in an article entitled: “Ces odeurs qui nous font acheter”, we can translate it by: “The scents that make us buy”. It explains the role of the synthetic perfumes spreaded in stores such as “Abercrombie & Fitch », or « Nature et Découvertes ». But also that the first aim of diffuser manufactures is to create an atmosphere where the customer feels good, and that the scent is specific for the brand!

For more information, go to page 10 of the newspaper appeared on august, 30th


On August 26th, "France 2" evokes the scent marketing in its 1 o’clock news. In addition to explain the influence of odors on our brain, in the program, it shows an example of a cloth store equipped with one of our key-products: the Zephyr. A diffuser which can perfume a room measuring up to 300 m2.

The store manager explains that through this system their turnover increased by approximately 20 %.

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