The scents of spring

In spring, everything changes. It is the season when floral scents and fragrances are bursting forth from every tree and flower. 

brins de muguet dans bouquet de fleurs sur fond vert

Our senses are entranced by the perfumes of flowers that bring to mind the most wonderful memories like the gardens of our childhood, holidays for two or that first kiss…

“You are a flower whose scent belongs to me.”
Alphonse Karr (Sous les tilleuls – 1832)

A profusion of flowers, exuberant and lush, fills parks and gardens with fragrance from the very first days of spring.
We set out for the woods to see the snowdrops, pick daffodils and keep an eye out for the traditional lily of the valley that the French offer every 1 May.
Lilac, so often associated with the gardens our grandmothers lovingly tended, is beloved for its small but powerfully scented blossoms. They make magnificent bouquets that fill a house with their heady fragrance.
The well-known climber honeysuckle gives us a bold, unforgettable scent.
The wonderful white blossoms of the cherry tree are less fragrant but attract the most beautiful butterflies.
Fragile – though hardier than they look – violets form fragrant carpets in the woodlands.
Finally, the symbol of beauty, roses offer the widest palette of subtle scents.

Did you know? Lily of the valley is one of the most fragrant flowers. Since the 16th century, it has often been used in perfumery. Nowadays, women’s perfumes use it as a middle note and that most famous of fragrances, Diorissimo, created in 1956, is an excellent example.

Most spring flowers are scented, and their essences are extracted to create an infinite array of fragrances used in perfumery.
Home fragrances also take their inspiration from flowers; at Natarom, we specialise in scent marketing, and, as part of our range of fragrance refills for diffusers, we offer a fragrance catalogue with some very floral scents.

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