What recall us the scents?

« Smells awake emotions that stimulate memory» Christiane Samuel

Indeed, have you never smelled a scent that awake in you a memory, a feeling in particular? In this article we explain what evoke some scents on the majority of us.   

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  • Vanilla: it reminds us, above all, our childhood. But not only, when you smell a vanilla’s scent you may also think about your mother, even about maternal protection, and this can reassure you.
  • Lavender: lavender’s flowers are very often used in household products or washing pouder. That makes us think about cleanliness, laundry, or purification.
  • Tiara flower that you find in the Monoï, and which is mainly used as tanning oil, makes us think about adventure. But also about a paradise island such as the one where the flower comes from (Tahiti), or even a change of life.
  • Leather, chimney fire, smoke: who never imagined a moment sitting on a leather couch or chair in front of a chimney fire? This kind of moment evokes us comfort, and cocooning. It also reminds us elegance and distinction.

  • Cedar: this conifer is famous for its odorous wood, so nice-smelling that it’s difficult to miss it. So, this tree reminds us of course nature, and certainly long walks in parks, because they’re used for their ornementation in these places. That’s why the pioneer brand “Nature et Découvertes” used it for several years.
  • Bamboo: its color, its form, but also and above all its scent recalls us the concept of ecology, and life close to nature.
  • Cinnamon can be found inside the Ceylan’s bark which comes from Sri Lanka. You can easily recognize its smell, because it acts on our memory, our feelings, reminding us for example the moments we passed at Christmas times surrounded by cinnamon scented candles, or the good apple pies flavored of cinnamon, or also the smell of gingerbread.


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