Wine and Olfaction

All the oenology experts will say it, the tasting of a wine comes first by its olfactive assessment. Above all it is necessary to smell its aromas if we want to savor it completely, because do not forget that the nose is closely linked to the taste buds. 



The oenologist nose

In order to educate our sense of smell in various wine aromas, Alexandre Schmitt graduated from the international higher institute of the perfume, cosmetic and of aromatic food, dedicated himself to the olfactive wine tasting, and now conduct seminars about this subject.

These seminars aim to structure and to develop our knowledge in the aromatic universe, but also to identify win aromas, to classify them, and to use an objective speech.

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Wine in three steps

These seminars consist in three different periods in order to approach the oenology in all its forms, all its aspects.

-          Level 1: this first level is based on “aromatic wine descriptors”. We learn how to recognize, to define, and to memorize the fragrances in order to elaborate a structuration of the aromatic universe, which able to establish a wine aromas classification.

 -          Level 2: this one is dedicated to the assimilation and memorization of the aromatic molecules in wine. For example “linalol, la 4MMP, l'IBMP, l'acétate de cis-3-hexènyle”, etc. and which come from various origin such as fermentation, lack of hygiene, oxidation or reduction…

 -          Level 3: it applies the previous two levels. During this seminar we determine the aromatic synergies, taste, mouth feel, and balance. And it allows to become a wines’ specialist. 

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The power of the sense of smell 

To perceive an aroma when we taste a wine is a real challenge, which requires a minimum of knowledge. Because “when people taste wine, everyone recognizes aromas, their nature, and complexity to varying degrees.”

Wine & Flavors opens the doors of the oenological culture thanks to complete seminars, which are animated by a perfume expert in order to provide the most complete tasting.

So trust your nose!

Because it has the faculty to perceive the wine’s aromas, so it will have no difficulty to detect any other smell…

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